Tanize Kotsol

Tanize Kotsol

Kauai, Hawaii, USA & Brazil


Beginning: In person

  • May 4 – 8,  2023

Location:  Princeville – Kauai – Hawaii

For online courses email Tanize to  receive updates

Intermediate:  Online via Zoom

  • August 4-7, 2023

Advanced: Online via Zoom

  •  December 1-5, 2023

BRAZIL – Courses in Portuguese:  We are forming groups for courses  online in Portuguese, please email  Tanize with your information to be notified when dates are set.

All Courses in Portuguese are on line at this time.

Em Portugues:

Nós estamos formando grupo  para cursos on-line em Português. E-mail Tanize para entrar na lista e  receber informações. Os cursos em Português serão on-line.

For crystal healing sessions on Kauai  contact Tanize at: tanizeweck@gmail.com or text/call 808-634-6661.
Appointments need to be made in advance of your arrival on Kauai.

For Beginning and Intermediate Courses check this website for an updated schedule:  www.crystals-gems.com For crystal healing sessions on Kauai or distance via skype please contact Tanize at: tanizeweck@gmail.com or text/call 808-634-6661. Please note to make your appointment in advance of your arrival on Kauai.

About Tanize

I am a former psychiatrist from Brazil who moved to Kauai in 1994 in search of learning more therapeutic healing modalities. I met Katrina and trained/certified at the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in 1997. It became very clear that my connection with the mineral kingdom was very strong and an amazing new lifetime journey was initiated. Crystals have been a part of my daily life and work since then and I truly honor and believe the healing, transformative and awakening powers of all crystalline forms.

Patrizia Tassini

Patrizia Tassini

Italy & Spain


Italy Beginning:

  • March 8-12, 2023
  • June 7-11, 2023
  • November 22-26, 2023


  • May 3-7, 2023
  • July 12-16, 2023


  • October 25-29, 2023

About Patrizia

In 1980 I met Osho, beloved Master, and had the opportunity to learn and experience many natural therapeutic techniques for the body and soul. I began a healing journey and my own personal research that is still in process. When I got in touch with Crystals, old memories came up. I felt like I was Home and connected to the energy of the most ancient of Earth’s kingdoms. In 1993 I first met Katrina Raphaell in Kauai and began my training. In 1995 after completing the Teacher Training Course, I became the Crystal Academy’s Teacher in Italy. In 2003 and 2009 I translated into Italian Katrina’s Books: The Crystalline Transmission and Crystalline Illumination. My future project is to create an European Crystal Academy Satellite!

Tedra Baymiller

Tedra Baymiller

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Website: fullbloomhealingarts.com

Email: hello@fullbloomhealingarts.com


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA


  • April  17-21, 2003             Online via Zoom
  • July 17-21, 2023                In Person
  • October 16-20, 2023         Online via Zoom


  • April 24-28, 2023              Online via Zoom
  • July 24-28, 2023                In Person
  • October 23-27, 2023         Online via Zoom

Summertime Saturday Series Online via Zoom

Beginner: June 3, June 10, June 17, June 24 and July 1, 2023

Intermediate: July 29, August 5, August 12, August 19, August 26, 2023

Beginning courses are available for online Skype Courses. Privately scheduled to suit individuals. Please contact Tedra directly to set dates.

Phone: 808-482-4099    Email: hello@fullbloomhealingarts.com

About Tedra

Sharing my love of the mineral kingdom with others for healing, expansion and empowerment is my passion. I have long felt a deep connection to crystals and their healing properties. Seeking more information I was guided to The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts where I trained/certified with Katrina Raphaell.

During my apprenticeship an entirely new and beautiful world of Spirit unfolded before me. Working with the mineral kingdom is an awakening and empowering journey. It is with gratitude that I share it with others.

I am also a certified Reiki Master. The therapies that I offer work holistically, bringing into balance body, mind, emotions and Spirit. I have a crystal healing practice and am available to do crystal sessions. Please contact me if you are interested.