The Mists of Amethyst


This stunning crystal is an Amethyst Quartz point. It is a generator crystal. It generates energy from the base and directs it outward through its natural six-sided termination. Soft and gentle purple light radiates within this crystalline entity. At the very apex are phantom like markings.  Amethyst quickens the intuition and initiates a deeper sense of knowing. It is known for activating the third eye chakra stimulating expanded perspective and awareness. This Amethyst generator is full of light and can be directed at your third eye, held in meditation or placed with the point towards any area in need of calm and stable mental frequencies. Note: Do not place in the direct sun, as the color will fade.

(See Crystal Enlightenment pages 78-82).


  • 5″x 2.5″
  • 14 oz.

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