Phantom/Channeling Crystal


This unique quartz point is both a Channeling Crystal and a Phantom Crystal.  Channeling Crystals have a large seven sided facet on the termination in the front of the crystal and a triangle directly on the back.  They are used to channel your own inner truth.  Within Phantom Crystals one can see the outlines of the crystal’s evolution through eons of time.  They are like looking at the rings of a tree to see the growth patterns.  When combining the effects of the phantom energy with channeling properties this crystal serves to assist one to know the inner sanctums of one’s self and to channel that essence.  This hand held piece is a great meditation tool taking guiding you deep within to acknowledge your profound inner essence and/or to connect with past lives.  This crystal has been cut and polished on the bottom so that it stands on its own.   (See Crystal Enlightenment pgs. 75-77 and Crystal Healing pgs. 101-109).

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