Pink Rhomboid Calcite


Good quality natural Pink Calcite is very hard to find. This beautiful piece has been in my private collection for many years. It is literally full of pink light and rainbows.  It is a naturally formed rhomboid, or parallelogram.  In so being Pink Calcite assists in reaching higher levels of our heart’s capacity and expands our ability to love.

This gem quality hand-held piece will transmit its essence when held in personal meditation.  It can also be placed on the heart chakra in crystal sessions to initiate greater compassion and the exploration of new ways of loving. Pink Calcite is fairly fragile and needs to be kept out of the direct sun to prevent fading. (See Crystalline Transmission, Volume III, Chapter 6 pages 81-98.)


  • 2″ x 1.25″
  • 4.23 oz.

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