Large Sunstone Cabochon


I simply love Sunstone! This special bright orange-red large cabochon has sat on my desk for over a year. It has helped me to stay energized as I work. I have let it get a lot of direct sunlight and I swear, as it does, it gets more gem quality. Sunstone is a wonderful stone to use at the High Heart to strengthen the male aspect of the self. We each have male and female aspects, which ideally come into balanced forces at the High Heart.

This large piece of Sunstone is for strengthening the spiritual connection to the High Heart Masculine aspect of the self. As it lightens, it brightens and the path opens wider into more heart felt expressions and actions.  (See The Crystalline Transmission, pages 255-258 and Crystalline Illumination, page 42).


  • 2.5″ X 2″
  • 2.99 oz.

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