Crystallized Malachite Cluster


This piece of Crystallized Malachite glitters and shines with the highest qualities that Malachite can offer.  It represents the state of a healed emotional body.  Generally speaking Malachite is a stone that does not crystallize into single terminations.  But this piece of Crystallized Malachite has a myriad of tiny points that vibrates with deep green healing energy.  Normally regular Malachite is used at the solar plexus to help release suppressed emotions.  It is as if this stunning cluster of Crystallized Malachite has mastered the emotional realm and transmits the energy of a clear, restored, healthy and vibrant emotional state of well being.  When placed at the solar plexus this special cluster can be used to neutralize and uplift difficult feelings and usher in a sense of personal empowerment.

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