Yellow Octohedron with Pyrite

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This yellow Fluorite Octohedron displays eight perfect triangles as well as a double four sided pyramid (one above and one below).  This stunning Fluorite Octahedron has a spattering of pyrite at two of the terminations.  Pyrite strengthens mental capacity and assists in developing the higher faculties of the human mind.  Octahedrons are one of the five Platonic solids as this fluorite perfectly demonstrates.  This Fluorite Octohedron is an excellent meditation piece and when held can be used to center and focus the mind.  In more advanced practices it can be placed upon the third eye center and used for time and inter dimensional travel.  If used for this purpose make sure you are well grounded and are clear on the desired destination.   This yellow Fluorite Octohedron is for the advancement of the mind and the intellectual understanding of non-physical realities.

(See Crystal Enlightenment, Volume I pages 106-113)

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