Gem Ammolite

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Ammolite is the fossilized shell of an ancient marine squid that fell to the ocean’s floor seventy million years ago.  Those cephalopods are named Ammonite.  It is only in a few of these ancient fossils that a thin layer of the outer shell became iridescent with opal-like colors creating the gemstone Ammolite.  This rare and organic gemstone vividly displays brilliant colors of green, orange and red.  This Ammolite stone can be used when there is a desire to explore greater creative resources and tap into the magical nature of shifting realities.  The delightful play of color of this Ammolite inspires the evolution from old outdated programs to new ways of creating your world. (Also shown on this web page is an actual spiraling Ammonite shell that has brilliant streaks of Ammolite throughout).

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