Gem Silica with Druzy Quartz


Gem Silica is created when high-grade chrysocolla blends with the white light of clear quartz. It was abundant in the 1980’s and gradually became less available. Today it is rare, hard to find and sells by the carat. This exquisite piece of Gem Silica has a little gem malachite and a small cave of miniature quartz crystals called Druzy Quartz.  It been affectionately named “The Shark” as from one angle the Druzy Quartz cave resembles shark’s teeth and the stone is streamlined like a fish.  The multi-purpose stone serves to expand the mind at the third eye, soothe turbulent emotions at the solar plexus, facilitate clear communication at the throat chakra, and nurture the divine feminine at the creative chakra.

(See Crystal Enlightenment pages 101-105 and 142-146. Crystalline Transmission pages 223-227).


  • 1½ “ by ½ inch
  • 6.5 grams

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