Chakra Balance Layout Stones


This Chakra Balance Layout utilizes stones in the quartz family to be used upon each chakra center.  At the base chakra Hawkeye is placed for grounding.  For the second chakra Carnelian stimulates creative energy.  At the navel center is Citrine for personal power.  Green Aventurine is placed at the solar plexus for emotional balance.  Rose Quartz goes on the heart center to activate self-love.  At the throat chakra is Blue Lace Agate for clear communication.  Amethyst at the third eye calms the mind and initiates intuition.  A natural clear quartz point at the crown opens the entire chakra system to a higher spiritual force.  All stones are high grade cabochons except for citrine which is a tumbled stone.  This set of healing stones comes with a diagram and instructions. Each stone is approximately one to one and a half inches.

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