Clear Quartz Twin


This natural Clear Quartz crystal has two main triangular facets pointing upwards, directing the flow of energy. This twinning is surrounded by smaller perfectly formed crystals.  It has a flat base so that it can point towards any number of things that you want to energize with light, such as photographs of loved ones, plants, or on a personal altar directed towards an object of meaning.   This stunning crystal can be placed upon your body while lying down to direct the flow of energy in the chakra system.  For instance the terminations could be placed pointing from the navel to the heart center to create a greater love force.  Or visa versa, the points could be pointed towards the navel to help bring more heart felt sentiments into daily living.  This crystal needs to be cleansed after every use by putting it under lukewarm water and then drying with a soft cotton cloth. Clear Quartz loves the direct sun and may become brighter or clearer when placed in the sunlight following cleansing.

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