About Us


The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts is dedicated to serving the healing process of humanity by assisting people to learn how to use the light, color, and perfect geometric form manifested in the mineral kingdom to heal and balance the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Offering practical as well as metaphysical information and experience, we are committed to assisting each individual attain his/her highest potential.


The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts was founded in 1986 by Katrina Raphaell in Taos, New Mexico. Her trilogy of books forms the foundation for the Crystal Healing Certification Courses that are taught through the academy. Her books, CRYSTAL ENLIGHTENMENT, VOL.I, CRYSTAL HEALING, VOL.II, The CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION, VOL.III, and CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION have been published in over a dozen languages world wide which in turn has attracted students from all over the planet to train at the Crystal Academy.

Having survived moving locations from Taos, New Mexico, to San Diego, California, and finally in 1993 to Kauai, Hawaii the Crystal Academy has had many rebirths in its long history. In 1998 Katrina started to train qualified teachers to certify five-day Crystal Healing Certification Course throughout the world. Since that time, hundreds of students have been certified by Katrina’s teachers in their own location. Throughout the years Katrina has personally trained thousands of students making the crystal healing modality taught through the Crystal Academy integrated throughout many places in the world.

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