Lemurian Seed Crystal Update


I am sorry to inform readers of THE CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION that it has become necessary to remove Chapter XXIX entitled Earth Keeper Activation from my book.

Earth Keeper Crystals (see Crystal Healing, pages 155-164) have been programmed to record the history of the human race since Atlantean days. When consciously activated with a group of like-minded people those records can be released and new information can enter the crystal to be used in current times.

I first began working with an Earth Keeper on Kauai in 1989. It is located in a Hindu Monastery named Kadavul. For years I worked with it often, sharing with the temple monks the information that I received. As time went on the Earth Keeper became less and less available to the public and to me. Then the Hindus decided to build a new temple on the same grounds for the Earth Keeper named Iraivan.

When I wrote The Crystalline Transmission I included a chapter about this new Iraivan temple and encouraged people to make generous donations to its creation. Before publishing this information, the master, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Guru Deva) ensured me that this new temple which I was promoting would be a place where people of all religions would be able to come to be with the Earth Keeper, regardless of race, gender, or spiritual beliefs. This information has turned out to be totally false.

Hindu temples are architecturally designed to keep energy circulating within the temple walls. The Earth Keeper crystal, still within the Kadavul temple, is being solely utilized as a Shiva lingam and is used daily in ceremonies to channel the energy of their deity. In other words, none of the Earth Keeper's energy can escape the temple. It has been programmed for their own singular purpose. The Earth Keeper crystal is turning more and more clouded and darkened as its energy is constantly being usurped. The original activation of the Earth Keeper was never done and the crystal is kept isolated from the earth, sunlight, all feminine touch, and any personal interaction with the many people who travel to see it.

The new temple now being built to house the Earth Keeper will be no different, and no one but the monks will ever be able to touch it. This is the exact opposite of what I was told when I worked directly with Guru Deva and his monks before allowing this information to be printed in my third book and encouraged my readers to make donations.

This particular crystal is also an Isis Master Crystal (see The Crystalline Transmission pages 153-171). Most crystals are not related to as male or female, however the five sided Isis face in the center front of the Earth Keeper defines it as a feminine force. For many years I have accepted that the Isis Earth Keeper was confined, but holding strong, doing spiritual tantra with Lord Shiva. However when I recently went to visit the Earth Keeper, to speak once again with the monks about its original purpose, and visit the new temple site, it was clear to me that the new temple being built to house the crystal will make the Earth Keeper even less accessible than it is now, encased in granite, with no natural light, no earth, or human interaction.

The Isis Earth Keeper is doing her job. Standing strong, right in the very center of the most ancient spiritual patriarchal religion in the world, the Isis Earth Keeper is holding the feminine force strong. Even though it seems there is very little chance at this time that she can receive direct sunlight, or even sit on the earth, or serve its true purpose, I trust the process. This is bigger than me, my book, the Hindu Temple or even the Earth Keeper herself. There is a divine plan happening. I now realize just how unbalanced the male/female forces are on this planet. I truly understand how the patriarchal spiritual religions are at the base of it, holding that imbalance in fear of loosing power and control. It will change, it must. My work with the Earth Keeper is not over.

I sincerely apologize to my readers for the misinformation and for any monies that were donated to the new temple in the hopes of a helping to create place where everyone could come to worship the divine essence that would be above singular religious definition. I am sorry. Unfortunately, this has turned out not to be the case. I was lied to.


Katrina Raphaell

The original information on the Lemurian Seed Crystals (LSC) was first printed in this Crystal Buzz newsletter in the spring of 2000. Since that time this knowledge has spread far and wide and many people have come to know the healing nature and properties of these specialized crystals.

Recently I was giving a lecture to a group of women who had come from England. Afterward, during a question and answer period, a woman handed me a crystal that she had just bought at a shop on Kauai and asked me to tell her about any special characteristics that it had. It was a cut a polished crystal, but it had a sticker on it that said "Lemurian Seed Crystal".

I said, "This is not a Lemurian Seed Crystal, it is a cut and polished crystal from Brazil". She told me that she had paid a higher price for it because it was supposedly a LSC. I said it definitely was not and she ended up returning it to the store she had purchased it from.

Later on I went into that store to talk with the manager and tell them that they had mislabeled this crystal. I wanted to share with them the characteristics of a true LSC, the horizontal striations, the pinkish hue, the matte finish, and the overall frequency that they carry. I was told that the cut and polished crystals were also LSC, that they were from the same mine as the others, but had been cut and polished to increase their value.

Not being a great fan of cut and polished crystals myself, I must admit that I spontaneously felt that something was terribly wrong here. I said, "If these cut and polished crystals really are from the same mine, why would the very markings that characterize them as LSC be cut and polished away? It is those very qualities that imbue them with the sacred power that they carry!"

Obviously the store manager had bought these crystals from a source that had given him this information and I knew that I had to check it out with the people who were bringing these cut and polished crystals into the country and calling them LSC. So I did and this is what I found out. Yes, some of the material that is found in the LSC mine is being cut and polished. Yes, you can now find these crystals on the market labeled LSC.

My problem with this is two-fold. First, if you destroy the original markings on a LSC you literally change its nature. It would be like having a very bad face lift, or a botched surgery, and never looking or being the same again. The horizontal striations carry the knowledge of how to maintain unity while being individualized and living on the physical plane. The delicate pink ray that the true LSC reflects is exactly the frequency needed to infuse them with the essence of love. The matte finish is unique to these crystals and serves to hold the pink ray that is essential to their purpose.

Secondly, if indeed these cut and polished crystals are really from the same mine as the true Lemurian Seed Crystals, I find no logical reason for cutting and polishing them and destroying the innate qualities that are so intrinsic to their nature and purpose. Also, what is to prevent any other dealer importing cut and polished crystals from Brazil from labeling them Lemurian Seed Crystals? They would be sure to bring a higher price. Then the market will be flooded by unnatural crystals being called LSC and the integrity is lost. What about people who don't even know what a true LSC looks like and purchase an unnatural one expecting it to have the specific energy and effects of a true one? And when it does not, then what? It feels to me like a greedy dishonest manipulation.

The bottom line here is that the only thing I can do is to inform people that this is happening and tell you to keep your eyes open. After taking this issue very personally I have now dissipated most of the charge and accept that I can do only what I can and need to let the rest be. And so it restlessly rests. Buyer beware!